Spirit Upon the Earth

How do we experience the Trinity today — each day? In the face of our current science, we can see the traditional idea of “three persons that are co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial.”

In place of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, consider the Sun, the Earth and the energy that comes to the Earth from the Sun that sustains all life.

Thanks to innovative thinkers like Georges Lemaitre, Geoffrey Burbidge and Fred Hoyle we know that our Universe is the result of the Big Bang (Lemaitre), and that all elements arised from this common, homogeneous source through stellar nucleosythesis. (Burbidge, Hoyle et al) In the sense that the substance of being that we know derives from the Big Bang (see the Nature koan, Substantial Lineage), then all is indeed ‘co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial.’

Our everyday evidence of this trinity is the Sun. While it literally provides us with life-giving light, it is also forging, right now, a new crop of elements for the next emergence of solar generations. It is of little wonder that ancient civilizations deified the Sun.

Yet today, we know that our Sun is only one of billions in our Milky Way, and one of trillions upon trillions in our Universe. Our ultimate source of being, then, is the self-sufficient Source of Being that Is before the Big Bang. It is that Being that we find in quiet presence, in a spiritual communion where we are separate in the state of our manifestation but one in Being, unified by that medium of spirit. The grounds of Being.

While this extrapolation to Spirit might be viewed as untestable from a strict empirical point of view, consider that cosmologist only recently identified the existence of dark energy and dark matter, which together account for 95% of the “stuff of the universe.” Science hasn’t directly observed either dark matter or dark energy. Yet these are each a profound energy and substance that suffuse the space around us. Like Spirit, their presence is inferred from their effects.

Is it so far-fetched then that the light of the Sun is the analog to the Spirit that falls on the face of the Earth? We are ‘consubstantial.’  (XLIII)

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