Continuum of Being–Vertical

From All Science All the Time

From All Science All the Time

Previously, we pondered the horizontal continuum of time where we observed that “…we are, in ‘this’ moment. We live and breathe and mark our mornings on this segment of continuum in the 21st Century AD/CE.”

We mark time on a continuum of memory and projection–backward and forward. What we have been and what we will be.

With this koan we ponder the vertical dimension–what we are in each moment, each instant; the vertical continuum that “is,” moment-to-moment.

In Woods Walking #9, I shared a mantra that scribes this vertical path of our personal, instantaneous manifestation of Being. The first, personal part is,”One boson; One quark; One proton; One atom; One molecule; One cell; One organ; One Person. One Quark represents the family of subatomic particles and the energies that bind them together; the particles that are manifestations of some primal energy given mass by the now-demonstrated Higgs Boson, as of March 14, 2013.

Particle physicists describe the theoretical Higgs Field–the ‘beach of Higgs sand’–which surrounds and infuses our very existence, from our own body to everything that surrounds us. And even the stars above.

Now, that which surrounds us completes the mantra from Woods Walking #9: One family; One community; One city; One country; One world; One solar system; One galaxy; One universe; One… Since the writing of WW#9 on August 21, 2010, we may also need to insert ‘One multiverse’ between ‘One universe’ and ‘One.’

In this pondering, one gains a sense of radical connectedness that is based on an expression of energy that Werner Heisenberg defined with his Uncertainty Principle: describing that subatomic particles act both as particles and waves, depending on how they are sensed and measured. Thus the paradox of quantum mechanics.

Regardless this ‘fashionable’ phenominalist uncertainty about reality, it still hurts like hell when we accidently hit our thumb with a hammer! The pain of that accident marks our duration following that ‘energetic interaction,’ sending us off on the horizontal continuum.

The best ways to summarize this koan are with the ideas of two great thinkers; Joseph Campbell and Neil deGrass Tyson. Campbell, renowned for his study of global mythologies and what each expresses: ultimately the idea of “the zoom,” “the energy of the universe.” And for astrophysicist Tyson, his expression of “The Most Astounding Fact.”

Before viewing the Tyson video link below, let me ask: How do you, or when do you/will you, appreciate your instantaneous presence? And your presence implies presence to others, other things, other people — and presence to the Primal Energy of Being, “The Other.” One grain of sand does not a beach make.  (XXVIII)

“Woods Walking #9: Three Night of Affirmation.”

8 thoughts on “Continuum of Being–Vertical

  1. A family of mice lives in my closet. I watch them come and go, knowing they cannot stay, and I grieve for them. I set live traps, intending to keep them together until I can release them as a group back into the wild. I wait. No mice are caught. Later, another in my house admits to having trapped them secretly in more convenient manner. My mice are dead.
    So in that vertical moment, I stand not only as myself alone to love without effect, but also as the murdered mice and as the one who did not love but who betrayed. I’m all of these. So in that vertical moment, I am love, but also pain and deep deep grief. I carry it all. Small… a tiny microcosm of all the pain and all the betrayals, yet still… in that place, we carry it all—the grief of the world. Does forgiveness of ourselves and others ever erase all the ongoing pain? Does God forgive himself? Is there a place of knowing… just one step further, perhaps… that will bring us into a place of love that goes beyond the grief? Or must the grief be carried with us into that place of peace?

    • Grief is only one room in a grand mansion, and a small one at that. Sometimes we are taken there, but we should not reside there. The roots of a tree are buried away from the light. But their presence in the murky soil is essential to the glorious waving of leaves in the summer breeze. Yet, the tree stands under a limitless expanse that we know within the depths of our heart. Our sometimes painful temporal life is but a brief spark that lights an eternal flame of Presence. Our mindfulness is a balm for those moments of pain and sorrow. _/|\_

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