Trinitarian Son


Infused With Energy

In the Book of Genesis, God creates the heavens and the Earth, with mankind being created as part of the narrative.

Of course, in the times of its writing the authors did not have the scientific, evolutionary perspective of humanity’s true genesis from the soils of the Earth, so this mythological account was created to make sense of the veil of time that separated the authors from their true genetic, chemical and physical origins.

In the earlier koan “Trinity,” we contemplated the literal trinity of the Sun, the Earth and the life-giving energy from the Sun that sustains the profusion of life on Earth.  It is a trinity that surrounds and sustains us everyday.  If we pull back the veil of time and Being and peer into their fullest and deepest perspectives, and contemplate the higher order of Trinity–on the order of Being–we go beyond Earth as the grounds of our being, our home, to the expanded perspective of our temporal universe as the cosmic grounds of our being.

This is the genesis that began at the Big Bang, evolving over billions of years of stellar nucleosythesis in the hearts of stars, making the very stuff of Earth and the elements that would coalesce, enabling our factual genesis.

At the level of this order, following the continuum of time, we arrive at an Absolute as the analog to our Sun, the Alpha of our being, the source of our very substance and the well of energy that enables the Cosmic Trinitarian Son — the totality of our universe and all other possible universes, all of which are the temporal expression of, the complement to, the Absolute.

As described in other koans, it is a cycle of energy: a diminution that derives from the Absolute and returns to It in Presence, Understanding and Being.  As the tree returns to the sky, humanity returns to the Absolute in Spiritual presence, what I’ve described before as the photosynthesis of prayer.

There, we experience the marvelous sustaining light that falls upon the Earth, but at the order of Being, in the energy of Spirit, we find a personal Presence in Being with the Absolute.  There, the breath of Spirit envelopes us like the warm kiss of the Sun, but with a touch that is total in our consent.

In this Trinitarian Son, we are matter infused with energy just to live.  On the order of Being in relation to the Absolute, we are individual consciousness infused with the Energy, the Presence of Being.

It is That to which we return–energy to Energy.  (LXX)

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