Impossible Containment


Geyser of Spirit

Go inward to go outward. This from the koan “Foundations of Being,” the revelation of the critical mass of spiritual awakening; that once released can never be contained.

It is beauty’s potency in Being which can never be restrained. Beauty will be, as it arises from That which is.

The river of being flows along splendid shores carrying the silted seeds of emergent life. The very seed of being is an impossible density, whose release echoes across the background of time and space. It is a geyser of spirit from deep within.

Each bud repeats this burst of life in a new declaration, in its own voice and place. A profuse song that can never be silenced, whose libretto is liberté.

The arms of my soul know this breadth–with every breath. Is this your liberating release?  (LVIX)

2 thoughts on “Impossible Containment

  1. A wonderful comment from Veronique at Mindful Family:
    “Thanks Rudy for this comment. The joy of ‘impossible containment’ is almost indescribable. I am always amazed that you find words to touch on such delicate emotions!” _/|\_

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