Opening Intention

My eyes open
to new light.

My senses flood
My awareness.

My thinking self
Sorts the laundry of
Immediate presence.

Something beautiful
Flows into
My Heart.

A touch
A taste
A sight
A sense.

There the feeling
Of Being
A Siren to

Residing there
With this knowing
I cannot contain.

I burst
into Soul.

Profound Presence
The flow
Of Being.

Through the Crown
Absorbed into

My self
As Self.

My seeing eye
My Knower
Communing with

The All.

My Heart
Pours out
The Knower
Pours back in.


Being as

Living from
Source. (CCXXIV)

I Am #2

I am
means that
I am
the I Am.

From science
we trace
the legacy of
our being.

That we
are at all.

Stellar nucleosynthesis
is the path
the contuniuum from
the Grounds of Being
to our genesis
our emergence
our becoming.

From Source.

We manifest
moment by moment
from the
Higgs Field.

The expression of
the Absolute
yielding a finite
temporal expression
from which
our lives emerge.

Truth in saying
Tat tvam asi
I am That
You are That
We are That.

I am
means that
I am
the I Am.

There is
an ethos
innate to
this knowing
this Equanimity.

Live that. (CCXXIII)

Reincarnation #2

Reincarnation is a core tenet of eastern religious traditions. But it is not generally accepted by the western Abrahamic religions but for a few sects.

Interestingly, reincarnation is a foundational teaching from current channels and intuitives such as Paul Selig and Natalie Sudman.

As my walking meditation hikers know, I have spent the last several years contemplating the idea of the Eternal. Against that backdrop, reincarnation makes sense. As I have observed in many posts, we are new being manifest from the Eternal. We are first born as absolute potential to become our full, Absolute expression in full human expression and union with Source.

This is a journey that takes many lifetimes. There is so much to write on our initiating tabula rasa.

A helpful analog that we’ve discussed on our walking meditation hikes is the image of a tree and each season of leaves being one of many lifetimes for a person. The core tree is our Eternal self and each lifetime is the equivalent of each season of leaves.

In the fall, we drop the lessons of each life to become nutrients for our next incarnation, our next season of learning through storms and beautiful days; through dark nights of winter and the glorious colors of spring; until that last fall and the full wisdom of many lives when our lessons are shared with others still reaching for fullness of the light of Being.

Reincarnation is an important lesson for our times of division.

In our many lives, we have been all colors, races creeds and genders. In the fullness of this knowing we see others with fresh, Divine eyes knowing that I have been that, or may yet become that, whether poverty or wealth, sickness or health. This wisdom teaches us a deep empathy and compassion, for the incidental aspects of this life are only temporary expressions of an Eternal self yearning for wholeness.

This is true for me and it is true for you.

This is foreign to our western traditions, but, given adequate contemplation, one finds a deep knowing and presence in this core presence to Being.

Sit with this. Go into a crowd and feel the implications.

Let your empathy sing. It is a sweet, blessed song. (CCXXII)

Natural Aspects to the Pelvic Basin

We leave
the chrysalis
our personal
Platonic cave.

We walk
the pelvic basin
of the
first three Chakras.

The Third
the Solar Plexus
personal power
egoic expression.

The Second
the Sacral
personal pleasure

The First
The Root
personal survival

Returning from
we learn
the Divine aspects
the Natural aspects.

The Root
we walk the
roots of the trees
across shared grounds.

The Sacral
we know
the flowering
the seed of
new expression.

The Solar Plexus
self expressing
as Divinity
lifting all with
Divine Presence.

Leaving the cave
of self
we know
full human expression of
Divine Self. (CCXXI)

Labyrinth Opening

I enter
this Cretan labyrinth
to the opening
of my Divine Self.

Close to Center.

In the pelvic basin
of Chakras one through three
I find animal drives.

Command of dominion
in the third Chakra.

Possessive desire
in the second Chakra.

Insatiable hungers
in the first Chakra.

In the tectonic turn
Into the fourth Chakra
I find the opening
to compassion and empathy.

Close to Center.

Entering the sixth Chakra
I am infused
with wordless Transcendence
infused with knowing
joy and peace.

From Center.

Turning onto the
Fifth Chakra
words emerge from
Soul from intuition
Known and spoken.

Entering Center
I am.

I am Present to
this Source of Peace.

I am
As I am.

At Center.

I speak from
my knowing.

My empathy flows
from Center
from Soul
Into heart and into action.

The nature
of my being
illumines the pelvic basin as

The light of abundance
the flowering propagation
of Presence
the shared dominion of
Unitive Presence.

I turn back
and bow in gratitude
for the Journey of
Being and Becoming.

I have become
what I truly am
fully Human
fully Divine.

Not fallen
just becoming
Center in me
Center from me.

Joy there. (CCXX)

Deep Woods of Spirit

IMG_4015 IR CRPI was called
to the trails.

First walks
were short
probes into
the unknown.

“Come, come”
“Walk deeper,”
they said.

One evening
I went.

I followed
the lead
of my
trusted dog.

Through the
Torri Gate
of Honeysuckle
into a tunnel.

I emerged
into an
open glade.

I saw deeply
and received
the gift
of Presence.

It was like
thrown in
my face.

It was
wordless infusion
that I
could not

But I knew it
in Joy.

The deep woods
of Spirit
called to me
and gifted me
with Presence.

Every step
now reveals
the words
from the book
of infusion.

Many words
many pages
a constant

Where I am
what I am.

How to be
upon return
from these
deep woods
of Spirit. (CCXIX)

Incarnate Labyrinth

IMG_3810 BF CRPWe walk the labyrinth
into our divine selves.

The animal scales
fall from our eyes.

We see with
Divine eyes
at Center.

We have walked
the labyrinth
as Chakras.

Now we walk
the labyrinth
as this incarnation
as this life.

We are
Kundalini awakening
within us
life after life.

With each incarnation
we ascend the Chakras

We become in each
incarnation a
higher expression
of our
Divine Becoming.

In each life
we emerge from
our animal self to
our Divine Self.

It is the Divine
Kundalini Energy

In each life
we journey
higher and

Like the seasonal tree
we drop the limbs that
no longer serve
our becoming.

Walk the labyrinth
with intent
with attention
with reverence
to your own
Divine Becoming.

Sense from your Being
your own

Knowing at Center
is our Divine Self
is Light
Calling our being
forward. (CCXVIII)

Walking the Labyrinth as Chakras

IMG_3232 BF CRPWe walk
the seven circuits
of the Cretan labyrinth
as the seven Chakras.

Entering as the animal self.

The Third Chakra
the Solar Plexus
personal power, control, domination.

The Second Chakra
the Sacral
sensuality, sexuality, lust.

The First Chakra
the Root
sustenance, consumption, glutony.

Becoming the Spiritual self.

The Fourth Chakra
the Heart
opening, compassion, transformation.

The Sixth Chakra
the Brow
Divine vision, intuition, transcendence.

The Fifth Chakra
the Throat
Spiritual connection, expression, communication.

The Seventh Chakra
the Crown
Being in Source
Eternal communion, ecstasy.

At Center
the flow of
Knowing, Joy, Peace.

Returning as Illumined Spiritual Self.

The Throat Chakra propagates
loving touch to
the Sacral Chakra.

The Brow Chakra
opens the well of Being
to the spiritual hungers of an
illumined Root Chakra.

The Heart
imparts Divine wisdom to
the subdued kinetic powers of
the Solar Plexus.

Leaving the labyrinth
we turn back
to Center
and bow in
Gratitude and Humility
for the fullness of a
Realized Self. (CCXVII)


AJHX9551Consciousness resides
in the
Silence of Being.

That which Is
before words.

Before the
hand clap of

The mind entrained
to the
Sacred heart.

Itself the portal
into Soul.

In Presence
you will
know It
by its
Bounty and Abundance.

Abundance that flows
from the
Primal Energy
of Being.

Silence is

is Joy! (CCXVI)


EHHD6789 CRPThe Absolute.

The ground of
all Being.

Absolute Potential.

The Infinite
grounds of
all becoming.

The Eternal
The Absolute.

The Infinite
Manifest becoming
from the

In my waking
I am.

In my
I am
I am

This knowing
the siren song
of my becoming
my returning.

To Source.

The Eternal is.
The Infinite becomes.

and I
are That.

The nothing
that is

From the

Pax Vobiscum. (CCXV)